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The Emperor Commodus by. but also how his role within Roman society was clearly influenced by the.Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August 12 AD - 24 January 41 AD), commonly known as Caligula and sometimes Gaius, was Roman Emperor from 37 to 41.

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Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, better known as Gaius Caesar or Caligula, was the third Roman emperor, a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, and reigned from 37 to 41.Greek slaves especially played an important role in the intellectual life of the late republic,. made him the first of the Roman emperors. Caligula (Gaius.Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus was the fifth Roman emperor and, upon his.This brief sketch of the Roman emperors cannot offer a detailed understanding of.

As one of his royal passions, Emperor Caligula ordered several large barges to be.

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Emperors syllabus fall docx - Stanford University

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Emperor Caligula 37 - 41 A.D. AE Roman Imperial Sestertius Coin The Three Sisters of Caligula Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, more commonly known.

This Roman sculpture from the collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts depicts the Roman emperor Gaius Caligula.

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Caligula was a member of the house of rulers conventionally known as the Julio-Claudian dynasty.He was involved in a plot against the emperor Caligula and was.

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